How This Works

How does this service work?

Your personal pet sitter arrives at your home for each visit (depending on service purchased). During this time, your pets are played with, cuddled, loved and talked to. Dogs can be walked upon request and all standard pet care is administered: Feeding, watering, litter scooping for cats and clean up of cages or accidental messes in the house. Runs are also scooped.  

Home care is included with all pet sitting fees. This means that your mail and newspapers and any package deliveries left at the door will be brought in. In addition, indoor and outdoor plants can be watered and your trash taken out on pick-up day and cans brought back in. We are happy to set your security alarm.

How many visits a day does my pet need?

How many visits a day your pet(s) require will be determined according to the type of pet(s), how they are confined and if there is availability of doggie-doors (pet doors). Special needs, such as medications or special treatments and the time schedule for these are also taken into consideration. Some homes require one visit per day, others two or three, or more.

We offer several discounts, please visit our Pricing page for detailed information on rates.

These details will be discussed with you during your initial consultation to decide whether one, two, three or more visits are needed on a daily basis.  

How will I be charged for services & when do I pay?
Services are charged according to the type of service and our rates.  All services include pet and home care.   You save money by having multiple pets in the household for a flat, per visit rate.   A discount is offered if you have only one or two cats at home.

Payment is due at the time of the first visit for the entire pet-sit assignment. You will leave your payment by check or cash in your home at the time you leave, or pay online before service begins with Paypal.

What specific services do you offer?

VIPet Sitter Service™ specializes in caring for your pets in your own home during weekend get-aways, business trips, and vacations anytime of the week or year for holiday travel. We also look after your pets during times of owner illness or injury where routine care for your pet might be disrupted or impossible to give until your recovery.  We also offer Baby Standby Service, so we can start pet sitting as soon as you go into labor and go to the hospital. 

We offer:

Personalized pet sitting in your home

Midday dog walking and puppy potty breaks

Administer medications, including injections and IV subcutaneous hydrations
(Note: your cat must not hide or be overly shy of people for this service)

Will my pets and I meet the pet sitter before service starts?

Yes! In fact, this is a requirement before pet sitting services can begin. All new clients will be scheduled for a free initial consultation and interview. During this time, the service owner, Cindy Correa, will meet with you and have an opportunity to interact with the pets and be able to go over all contracts, policies and guidelines. Home care and pet care details, including how many visits a day, will be discussed and your pet sits are scheduled accordingly.

The consultation and initial paperwork will only need to be done once. After that, simply call or use the web site to order pet sit services in the future!

What happens when I get back from my trip?

If you have been out of town on a trip, you are required to call upon your return to let the pet sitter know that you are taking over the care of your pets.

If the pet sitter does not hear from the owner or other designated responsible party, pet sitting services will continue as previously scheduled and will be charged at the applicable current rates.

By the same token, if you are stranded due to airport delays, poor weather or other reason that delays your expected return home, you can rest easy knowing that your pets will not be abandoned and care will not be suspended. Make every attempt to contact the pet sitter by telephone or email immediately if a problem arises to update the status of your situation.

Will people I don't know come to my home?

Absolutely not! We take the security, safety and privacy of your home very seriously.   Any situation where coverage is needed and another party will take over care will never be initiated without your knowledge and prior approval.

VIPet Sitter Service™ carries commercial liability insurance and is bonded for your added protection and peace of mind. 

What if the pet sitter is not available during the time I will be away?

Pet sitters take vacations too!   At times, pet sitters will also be out-of-town or unavailable during the time you need service. All clients are notified of office closures longer than 4 days in advance by email blast to our client list. We have a staff of 4-6 pets sitters that all cover each other when one is out of town or ill. Although we attempt to be available for your pets 365/7, if there is an extreme emergency where there are no staff sitters available, you will be referred to one our trusted pet sitting service colleagues that will deliver a similar standard of care.

Is Tipping a pet sitter customary?

Gratuities are customary, and are a nice show of appreciation in this most unique service. We consider exceptional pet and home care to always be part of our job.  

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