I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you guys for taking such good care of Turner while we visited our family over Christmas. It made the trip easier knowing Turner was being well taken care of. She was very relaxed and happy when we came home. It's a relief knowing Turner will be in good hands when we have future trips!
- Natalie Frantz

My family has a small menagerie of critters including 3 cats (one deaf), 2 incredibly loud Sun Conures (parrots), a mischievous 30 year old Timneh African Grey (parrot), a 27 gallon saltwater aquarium with a Mantis shrimp and a moderately complex 125 gallon salt water aquarium with a wide variety of hard corals, soft corals, inverts, live rock and fish. We also have an alarm system. When we travel, we normally have a close friend or a family member watch our beloved animals and care for the house. For Christmas of 2012, none of our regular caretakers were available so I began a search which lead me to VIPet Sitter Service. After speaking with the owner (Cindy) for a few minutes, I felt comfortable with her and we scheduled a consultation for a quote. A short time later, Cindy came to my home and stepped through the care procedures I already had documented for each set of animals. She spent over an hour with me methodically and intelligently reviewing the instructions, asking questions and taking notes. The price quote was very reasonable. At the end, she asked if she could schedule a dry run for while we were still in town for no charge, just to make sure there were no surprises. She completed the dry run with no issues. When we left for our 9 day holiday, I was very comfortable that Cindy had things under control. We had a wonderful worry free vacation. They kept us updated with text messages and even offered to send daily pictures. I would absolutely recommend VIPet Sitter Service to anyone with critters. If Cindy and her crew can take care of our house of 3 birds, 2 saltwater aquariums and 3 cats, they should be able to manage anything!
- Tim Welty

Cindy and her team are very caring and professional. Previously I boarded my dogs when I traveled until they both contracted kennel cough while under the boarding facility's care. Now when I travel, my pups are healthy, clean, and happy when I return home. VIPet sends text pictures of the doggie outings and makes notes in the journal on the events of the day. I am picky when it comes to my pets' care and I have always been pleased with VIPet Sitter Service.
- Richelle Johnson - 2 dogs, Sherlock and Henry

With two anxiety-ridden cats, it is almost impossible to board them when we have to leave town. Cindy and her team give them the time and attention they need, and they can stay in a familiar environment. We love our happy kitties when we get home, and the daily progress notes are a treasure. We won't trust our cats to anyone else!
- Stephanie Roy Latta - 3 cats - Aisling and Aragorn

ALWAYS a great experience. Thanks for putting our minds at ease when we go on vacation, knowing that our pets are in good hands!!!      - Kereen Rodaway - 2 cats, Kodak and Cleo and 2 dogs, Mea and Bandit

Cindy and her crew have been pet sitting for our dogs and cats, now 1 dog and 1 cat, for a few years. It's nice to have them take care of our house, as well as the pets. And I really like the daily logs. Holly loves the walks she gets. Stormie loves the pets.  - Cheryl and Tom Martinez, 1 dog, Holly and 1 kitty, Murphy

I have peace of mind when I leave my kitties with Cindy and her team. Great care and lots of brushes are given to my kitties.
- Sylvia Minneman, various kitties, including rescues

Because I was not satisfied with the overall service provided by my previous pet sitter, I decided to hire VIPet Sitter Service and let me say, this is everything a pet sitting service should be and more! Cindy and her associates do a wonderful job. They are very thorough in taking care of my cats, don’t leave any detail behind, and write daily reports on their home visits (besides e-mailing me even more complete reports). We had to be abroad for a whole month and everything was very neat and organized when we got home. Both litter boxes were immaculate. I have 3 female cats, 2 of them having had health issues: one cat has IMB which means occasional vomits and taking medicine every other day and the other cat eliminates outside the litter box at times. VIPet Sitter Services provided an exceptional service regarding these two matters, way beyond their scope of normal duties.   Besides that, the mail is brought in, the garbage put outside and the plants are watered. 

I cannot think of a better Pet Sitting service for my cats! I want to express to Cindy and her team of associates my gratitude for their outstanding pet care, exceptional skills and professionalism. A heartfelt THANK YOU.
- Sonia and Pedro, various kitties including rescues

Cindy and her team have been with my husband and me our whole married lives together. We first found VIP pet sitters when we were going for two weeks to Italy to get married in 2007. Back then, it was just our dog and two cats. I was nervous leaving them for so long, but they were in excellent hands and were perfectly taken care of. We've used them for all of our vacations and emergencies since then. 

They have always gone out of their way to provide us top notch service when we are going away in a hurry, like when my grandmother died and when our daughter was born. We now have 2 dogs and 3 cats and always know that we have a reliable service to take great care of our zoo when we go out of town. I know that they will handle emergencies with any of our animals with professionalism and care, as we found out with our hyper Labrador, Lucy. She had a deep gash on the back of one leg (an injury she had before we left town) that broke open while jumping around and they took her to a very good vet to get her re-bandaged. They call us if they're unclear on any point and communicate with us very well. We're very glad to have them to call to watch our pets.
- Two very satisfied clients -- Jerry and Christy, 3 cats Delilah, Alex and Sasha, 2 dogs, Lucy and Chester

Anyone who has pets knows that finding care for your pets while you travel can be an extreme challenge. For our household, it was almost impossible. We have 2 large dogs, 2 cats, 1 cockatoo, and an outdoor pond with Koi fish and a turtle. We had kenneled our dogs on a few occasions with severe consequences. The stress of the kennel put one of our labs in the vet hospital twice. We then discovered VIPet Sitter Service and couldn't be more pleased.  

We have used VIPet on quite a few occasions now. They did a thorough interview to not only understand our pets but also our home. They have gone the extra mile to make sure all of our pets are well cared for and that we are confident we can leave home without stress. Cindy's knowledge of all of our pets' needs (dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles) has been great. My lab does not have the stress of the kennel and has been perfectly healthy after each trip. For pet lovers who also need to travel on occasion this is the best find ever!!!
- Matt Daniels, 2 dogs Rudy and Joey, 2 cats Charlie and Sammy, and cockatoo Angelo

VIPet Sitter Service cat sitters are true professionals who love animals. When we go on vacation I do not worry about my 5 cats, I know all of their needs will be met. Cindy and her staff give my babies not only attention, but also feed them and clean their litter boxes. When one of the very shy cats was not seen for a couple of visits, the cat sitter searched the house until she found her. This allowed me to relax and enjoy the rest of my vacation. VIPet Sitters uses a thorough interview process to get to know all of the cats (including the one who likes to chew on pens while you are trying to write) and their environment. I trust them to always take excellent care of my cats while I am away. I highly recommend them.
- Linda Beverly, 5 cats, Midnight, Jean Claude, Minx, Elizabeth, and Squeeker

VIPet Sitters have taken care of our Dobermans for many trips we've been on. It is so nice to come home to happy dogs and a house that's been well-cared for. Traveling has gotten to be more complicated with flight changes and scheduling - Cindy has made the pet-sitting part very easy. We don't have family in the area so it's nice to have someone to take care of our "children" when we can't. Our dogs are getting older and do require more patience and flexibility. One of our dogs has some mobility problems and the pet sitters have been very understanding and helpful. I used to really worry about our "kids" when we used a kennel service. Our vacations are more relaxing, knowing that the kids are in good hands!
- Kristin, 2 dogs, Max and Gwen

Cindy and her team at VIPet Sitter Service are fantastic! They are true professionals and obviously love what they do. I can finally go on vacation and relax. I do not worry anymore if the sitters show up because I know they will. I do not worry anymore if my cat's needs are met, because I know they will be. I sign up for two 20-minute visits per day and I am certain that those minutes are fully utilized. Cindy and her staff know that cat sitting requires much more than simply feeding and cleaning litter boxes. My cat needs physical touch; I can tell by the condition of her coat that she has been pet. My cat need stimulation; I can tell by her bright eyes that she has had playtime. My routine to open/close drapes, and to turn on/off the TV and lights have been followed. Since 1978, I have shared my life with cats (alas, not the same ones). I have used friends, family, neighbors, and many other services to care for them in my absences. With the exception of my mother (who is not here anymore), I would choose Cindy over all of them. Cindy's interview process is thorough and includes emergency plans that include your pets and your home. She spends the time that is necessary to get to know you and your pets, as well as their environment and their needs. She then makes it easy for you to start your vacations. VIPet Sitter Service is a superior service that I highly recommend. I will use them again and again.
- Sue Jacobsen, 1 cat, "Sophie"

I was introduced to VIPet Sitter Service through my real estate agent. A client of hers had used Cindy's service and couldn't say enough good things. I had just secured a job on the East coast and was doing quite a bit of commuting back and forth, including a fair amount of European travel.  It was during the winter months, far too cold to leave my boy Rocky outside full time in the garage so Cindy and her staff made sure that Rocky had three visits a day as he stayed in the house where it was nice and warm. 

They took him out for walks, hung out with him and made sure he didn't feel alone. At the same time, Cindy would drop me emails or keep me posted with voice mail. I'd call her periodically just to talk to someone who was closer to my boy than I was and she assured me that he was doing well.

It was a great comfort to me to know that she was seeing to it that he was watched over while I was so far away. 
- Phil Viens, 1 dog, "Rocky"

Cindy and her team have been sitting for our dog, Holly, and 2 cats, Stormie and Fatty, for 3 years. Fatty is diabetic, so she needs shots twice a day at 12 hour intervals. The team has always been great about confirming our dates for sitting, good about taking Holly for a walk, which she loves, and even making extra trips in the middle of the day to let Holly in when the weather is cold or when we have a severe thunderstorm in the afternoon during summer months. They also bring in the mail, open and close the blinds; whatever is needed in the house for the lived in look.  
- Cheryl and Tom Martinez, 1 dog "Holly", 2 cats, "Stormie" and "Fatty"

Jon and I were pleased and satisfied at VIPet Sitter Service's very first visit. The consult was fantastic! Cindy met both our cats and assessed our customized needs. She wrote out a care plan and took care of my 2 babies (my cats) for a week and a half. Both of the cats were happy, I could sense they were well taken care of... especially my youngest, Samantha. I was most impressed by the availability of Cindy by phone... I could contact her at anytime and she would update me of my cats' status! 

The value of the pet care package is fantastic! Not only did I feel secure of my cats' care, but also my home; the garbage was taken out and mail and plant watering service is available and included if needed!

The most recent helpful and reassuring occurrence was when we had a family emergency and the very next day the service was provided, at the very last minute. I felt so comfortable and blessed that I was able to call VIPet in my moment of need and they delivered well. I trust VIPet like my family and I am so grateful I can call them at any time and know they will take care of my most beloved family, my cats! Thank you VIPet Sitter Service! 
- Karen and Jon Mead, 2 cats "Cleo" and "Samantha"

For three years, we have used VIPet Sitter Service to provide daily visits for our golden-doodle, Kuma. We remember bringing him home as a puppy and then wondering how we are going to raise a dog with both of us working. Our decision to use Cindy and her crew was a smart one and we've been happy with the professional service and trust-worthiness. Most of all, their love for our dog is evident in the funny little notes they leave daily. A huge thanks to the VIPet Sitter Service team for working hard and giving love-love's to Kuma!
- Brian and Christina AiChang, 1 dog "Kuma"

Cindy and her staff at VIPet Sitter have adopted Spike and Sparky as if my pups were their own. Upon return from our trips, Spike and Sparky are relaxed and their demeanors suggest that they've been very well cared for. Cindy makes sure to ask lots of questions about how best to care for my pets and the daily logs give us a comfort level in knowing that the daily routine for Spike and Sparky has not been disrupted. They make sure to exercise the pups, clean up after them, and love them. I couldn't ask for more when being out of town.  
- Lisa Bunker, 2 dogs "Sparky" & "Spike"

VIPet Sitter Service has cared for my animals for 6 years. When I have to be away for business or pleasure, I have peace of mind knowing that my pets are looked after with the same standard of care I would provide. Even when one of them has special needs, I know I can trust the professionals at VIPet Sitter to treat my dogs, cats, and even my fish with tender loving care. My husband and I don't know what we would do without VIPet Sitter Service!
- Patti Gilmour, 2 dogs "Angel" & "Nakai", 3 cats "Hannah", "Flaps" & "Mookie" and a fresh water aquarium.

I have been using VIPet Sitter Service for 6 years for daily dog-walking service and vacation pet sitting. For one thing, I've always been impressed with the caliber of Cindy's staff. They are always well screened, and their orientation alongside the owner is always on spot to each individual. Cindy, the owner, sees to it that every need is met, and also picks people who have a love of animals, so whenever they arrive, you know your pet is going to have a good time!!

There are tons of services out there, but I have found Cindy's to be the best!!
- Gigi Mitchell, 2 dogs "Scotch" & "Soda" - my "pit" Bichons!

We moved to Colorado from the East and were undecided on how to handle our pet situation. I viewed a couple of boarding facilities and was somewhat OK with the idea, until I happen to run across one of VIPet's ads. I made the call and it was the best decision I had ever made for my girls!!! Doppler, Gidget and Briley were very well loved and cared for during our absences. We greatly appreciated the detailed attention that was given to our girls and our home. We always felt someone was protecting our home, as well as our pets, while we were away. Descriptive notations of all activities were always available upon our return. We have since moved to another state and wish that we could have carried Cindy and the gang with us! We miss their warm hearts and personal touch they provided for us. I would advise anyone to entrust their pets and homes with this outstanding service! Good luck Cindy, and may many more animals be blessed by your touch!
- Todd and Kathy Daigle, 3 dogs "Doppler", "Gidget" & "Briley"

When I met Cindy, I was the owner of two senior Springer Spaniels with special needs as they aged. Cindy and her staff were very caring and attentive. The notes left at each visit are both helpful and informative. Our dogs have since passed, but until we bring home another dog friend, VIPet Sitter Service visits our home when we are out of town to do security checks, pick up mail, and water plants. VIPet is very professional, caring and conscientious and I highly recommend them. 
- Bonnie Burns, 2 senior dogs, "Colonel" & "JJ" (both now at the Rainbow Bridge), currently a house-sitting client

VIPet Sitter Service has provided such a positive experience caring for our pets and our home when we’re away. We were new to the area when we started using them, and it was wonderful knowing that we didn’t need to impose on friends or neighbors.   We have peace of mind when we travel because our pets are getting the best care and our home is in safe hands.
- Kim Villiard, 3 cats "Hera", "Cosmo" & "Mona Lisa"

We are able to totally relax on vacation knowing that Spike is in good hands. VIPet Sitter Service spent time getting to know him so that they can spend quality time with him -- playing his favorite games and doting on him in all his special ways. He’s always happy and greets us when we get home, but then goes to the door looking for someone else – his VIPetsitter!”
- Mike and Candie Hurley, 1 dog "Spike"

Cindy does overnights for my pet menagerie of 4 dogs, a lizard and a guinea pig. Always reliable and great job.
Stacy J. on November 17, 2015
5/5 stars

Cindy and her team are amazing. They get to really know your dogs and tend to their needs. They treat them as their own. I would recommend VIPet Sitter Service to anyone that wants to make sure their pets are in the best care.
Betsy W. on November 16, 2015
5/5 stars

Excellent care in feeding and also playing with my three kitties. The staff really care for us and texted us a few pics of the kitties while we are away. We have been having VIP sitters as our nanny while we are on vacation for the past 8 years and trust them completely. I would not have anyone else care for them. I am willing to talk with anyone who has questions.303-919-6820.
Karen M. on November 15, 2015
5/5 stars

Cindy and her team are the best! I wouldn't trust my pets to be in anyone else's care while we are out of town. They keep a journal of every visit, they send me pictures of my animals so I can see their happy faces. I have complete confidence that my pets are ok in Cindy's care.
Sandy B. on November 15, 2015
5/5 stars

I've used VIPet Sitter services for years! After my first kitties went to heaven, then with a Bernese Mtn Dog, and again with more kitties. We've literally had years in between sits and I was so thrilled to find her business alive and thriving. I highly recommend Cindy and all her fantastic crew of 'nannies.' !!!
Mary Ann H. on November 9, 2015
5/5 stars name is gigi Mitchell...I discovered Vipet Sitter Ser 13 or 14 years ago.I needed a dog walker for my 2 little Bichon's," Scotch and Soda"....Cindy, the owner, came to my house for our first meeting. I was very taken with her kind professional business tactics, animal knowledge,...compation..., and all the services she had to offer. You can be sure I wouldn't let 'just anybody' be responsible for my 2 little buddies !!! And she doesn't cost an arm and a leg....She has very well earned her "best pet sitter service' all these years....She's one in a million ! gigi Mitchell on November 7, 2015
5/5 stars

VIP Pet Sitter Service takes care of our pets along with checking to make sure the plants are watered and everything works. They do an amazing job and our pets love it when they come by to take care of them
Robbi Y. on November 6, 2015
5/5 stars

Cindy, with VIPet Sitter Service, and her employees, has been our animal caregiver for several years. Not only does she take great care of our dog Holly and cat Murphy but she waters my plants inside and out, brings in the mail, and turns on an evening light. She has also administered insulin for our cat in the past. Last May we had flooding in the basement and one of her employees was first on the scene. Cindy was called and immediately started bailing water and using our wet vac to pull 55 gallons of water out of the basement. Without her help we would've had much worse flooding. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help us out-for both our animals and our home.  Cheryl and Tom. We have full trust in Cindy and her staff.

Cheryl M. on November 6, 2015
5/5 stars

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