Services & Pricing

Services & Pricing
(Effective JUNE 2016)

Meet and Greet Consultation

This free visit is required before service begins.  We will meet you and your pets at your home and take our care instructions.  It is customary to have two sets of keys ready at this visit, or keypad code + one key for emergency access.

You may also purchase your own lock box to store your key.

Please call to schedule an appointment: 303-596-3796

Services Included Free

During our visits to care for your pets, a number of services are included free.  These include:
  • Water plants indoors and outside in the spring/summer (less then 10 mins)
  • Bring in mail, papers, packages and flyers 
  • Take out trash on pick up day
  • Set alarms and perform security checks at your home
  • Brush your pet
  • Walk the dog(s)
  • Scoop the litterboxes for cats
  • Maintenance scooping of run or yard, on request*
    *Please be sure to scoop and start with a clean yard/run before pet sitting service begins
Please Note

There is a holiday surcharge 
of  $15.00 (per DAY) on the following dates:

Christmas Eve and Day
New Years Eve and Day
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
July 4th - Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving

Pet Sitting  -  Dog(s), cat(s) plus other pet types

$18.00/per visit  (up to 3 pets, 30 minute visits)
$  2.00/per pet over 3 (add'l 10-15 minutes per visit)
Dogs must be visited at least twice daily (first and last day excepted)
Cats must be visited at least once daily - see discount below for 1-2 cat households

1-2 Cats Only household (no dogs or other pets)
$16.75/per visit (20 minute visit, one or two times per day)

Pet sitting visits include:
Feeding and watering, administering medications, a dog walk, litter box
scooping, and of course lots of love!

Other charges 

Pets number 7+  are  $3.00 per pet/per visit extra

Each additional 15 minutes added to base visit:   $5.00

Subcutaneous hydrations:   $15.00 per administration

Complete litter box clean and change out:  $15.00 (bundled with pet sitting)

Insulin, oral and topical medications  --  Free

Feeding fish not requiring specialized aquarium care - Free

 Limited Pet Sitting  - Pocket pets, birds, fish, etc.

10-20 minute visits (at your home) for low-care pets:  reptiles, hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, fish, birds that do not require out of cage time, chinchillas, etc. (No dogs or cats at the home)

$16.75 per visit
Ask about our home boarding for small, caged pets at our place, starting at $7.00 and up per day!

House Sitting - No pets at home, plant care, etc.

10-20 minute visits (at your home) for plant watering, inside and/or outside, vegetable garden watering, fill bird/squirrel feeders, collect mail, flyers and newspapers.  (No pets at the home)

$15.50 per visit (less than 20 minutes)

Extensive watering, $18.00 per 30 minute visit
$5.00 per 15 minutes thereafter

Midday Dog Walking Service
Monday-Friday only 

30 minute visit with walk, or to backyard for play, exercise and potty break
(per diem, as needed) $18.00/per visit

1 or 2 dogs, able to walk together
Please, no excessive pullers or dog aggression on walk
More than 3 dogs may incur additional charges ($5.00 add'l 15 mins per dog)

Dog walking not offered on observed holidays.



One Month Package - A
2-days a week
8 visits per month
20 min walk, or to backyard for play, exercise and potty break.
$17.50/visit prepaid monthly

One Month Package - B
3-days a week
12 visits per month
20 min walk, or to backyard for play, exercise and potty break.
$17.00/visit, prepaid monthly

One Month Package - C
4-5 days a week
16-20 visits per month
20 min walk, or to backyard for play, exercise and potty break.
$16.50/visit, prepaid monthly

Note:  We do not penalize our clients for cancellations due to snow dates or home ill dates.  
Visits are credited to the next month's invoice.

Overnight Service

Your pet's personal pet sitter stays at your home for 12 hours.  Our usual time is 
7 pm - 7 am (flexible with sitter availability or per scheduling needs).

All pet sitting duties included:  Dog walking, litter box scooping, fresh food/water, bring in mail, papers, take out trash and plant watering.

$70.00/per night (12 hours, up to 3 pets)
$10.00 per hour over 12 hours
Over 3 pets?  Add $5.00 per pet/per night
Holiday surcharges apply (see above)

$15.00 - per bundled midday visit
(20 minute potty break, either one at noon, or at 11 am and 3 or 4 pm)
Ideal for younger puppies and older dogs that require more frequent potty times and/or feedings or medications at particular times.  If your dog has a dog-door, the midday visit is optional.

Small, Caged Pet Boarding

VIPet Sitter Service offers boarding in a pet sitter home for small, caged pets in cases where a visit to the pet's home is not practical or necessary.  

Pets must be contained in a cage or tank, easily portable, and be in good health.  
Call to discuss details, requirements, and availability.

Starting at $7.00/per day and up, call for pricing.

Pets Accepted:  Small domestic birds in cages (no large parrots), non-venomous reptiles, pocket pets (hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, mice, etc.).  Sorry, no ferrets or chinchillas for boarding (pet sitting at client home is acceptable).  We reserve the right to not accept a pet at our discretion for any reason.  Client must supply food, treats, live crickets or other required food, supplements, vitamins, bedding materials and cage covers. 

Customized Services

Do you  have a special needs pet, or require a service not listed here?  Give us a call to discuss your pet or home care needs.   
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